Feedback: Guild Wars 2 Mac 64-Bit Client

Jon Olson.8439 said: Please continue discussion on the new forums.

Silver tier ranked matches - 26 lost matches

Cal Cohen.3527 said: Can you tell me which account you were playing on when you lost 26 games in a row? Looking at the match history of this account I see the longest losing streak is 11 games, and you've also had a win streak of 12 games.

ArenaNet Launches New Forums!

Gaile Gray.6029 said: Today we’re opening new official Guild Wars 2 forums! You can read all about our new forums in today’s blog post and you can access them here.

The forums you are viewing here will be locked for posting later today, September 12, 2017, and we plan to retain them in read-only mode through October of 2017. Our new forums will offer a fresh start and will provide a great setting for all the conversations that are sure to come with the launch of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire and Living World Season 4.

We have created a few essential administrative or introductory threads for the new forums. You’ll also find useful announcement (“sticky”) threads, such as those that gather bug reports or player input or that host player screenshots. You’re welcome to recreate a thread that you first posted here on the new forums, or ask a forum member to do so with a thread that they started.

You may want to pay special attention to our guide to the new forums, a thread that contains ...

Authenticator problem (expired code??)

Chris Barrett.3280 said: The issue of needing to wait a little while to use a two-factor auth code should be resolved. Please let us know if you still have any time-based issues with two-factor auth.

Just in case, I'll also remind anyone who altered or removed two-factor auth from their GW2 account that if you want to re-enable it, you also have to reset/re-synchronize your mobile app's code for GW2.

Weekly WvW Team Play On Live

Raymond Lukes.6305 said: Winner! see you guys in 25!

Weekly WvW Team Play On Live

Raymond Lukes.6305 said: For this week first haiku following the rules below with your world name will be where we play today! We're playing in 30 min so get those haiku written.

There are only three lines, totaling 17 syllables.
The first line is 5 syllables.
The second line is 7 syllables.
The third line is 5 syllables like the first.

If we played on your world in the last month we will pick the next “first”

Path of Fire content milestone

Mike O Brien.4613 said: Hi all,

Today we hit an internal milestone: we locked down all content and feature development for Path of Fire. We now move the game to our staging servers and start final preparations for launch.

This expansion is all about content, and today’s milestone marks the completion of eighteen months of content creation. It’s been a labor of love for the team. We hope we’ve brought each story chapter, each open-world zone, and each mount up to the level of what you experienced in the demos last month.

Thanks to everyone who joined the demos and the stress tests. We used those tests to inform our final balance tweaks, and to squash some bizarre bugs that we could only reproduce under heavy load, like the one where Raptors would randomly show up in non-demo maps.

We’re in the home stretch. Eleven days to launch! We can’t wait to play Path of Fire with you!


Absolutely dislike the new fractal.

Benjamin Arnold.3457 said: We aren't happy with how the length of Shattered Observatory ended up either. It ended up being out of whack with the standard fractal experience for most players. We are taking a lot of things into consideration for the next fractal.

League dominator Elite problem

Cal Cohen.3527 said: I'm not seeing an issue with this achievement internally. Is it possible that you're playing around daily reset time? The win tracker for this achievement resets with the daily reset, so that could be what you're seeing.

Won't let me queue with a partner

Ben Phongluangtham.1065 said: I can think of 3 possible reasons.

1) You or your friend are currently dishonored.
2) One of you haven't met the PvP Rank requirement of rank 20 for participating in ranked matches.
3) You're in a group with someone from another region (NA vs EU).

Losing ranked rating in unranked matches

Ben Phongluangtham.1065 said: I'd never heard of something like this happening either, so I looked up your matches and rating changes to make sure there wasn't some bug.

I'm not seeing any rating changes during times that correspond with your unranked matches.

Broken Team Chat in WVW

Raymond Lukes.6305 said: Hey guys,

I'm really sorry this fix took so long but there were a lot of factors at work here. I think we've finally got bug fix and it should be live for everyone. If you are still having trouble please let us know.

Contents that needs blacklisting

Lawton Campbell.8517 said: Happen to have the IDs?

Warbringer Glider

Lawton Campbell.8517 said: Ah, the unlock mechanism is a new one that isn't picked up by my content reading bits.

Not sure when I'll have that fixed.

"Design-a-Weapon" Contest!

Stephanie Bourguet.4781 said: No problem with that as long as you submit a digital 2D image in the end. The technique you use to render that is up to you.

That too.

Weapons using a same theme are still different weapons. This line just means that you can't submit several times the same entry and expect it to be treated as individual entries. In any case, belonging to the sponsors' team, I can say that weapons belonging to a same theme are okay for us.

We don't pick 20 finalists, as in entities. We pick 20 finalists, as in 20 entries.

You should not submit a zip. Zips are considered void by default. Your file should be .JPG or .PNG or .PSD and be light enough to fit the requirements.

Then it's okay. You're not using a bot or a script to cheat.

Just write “erratum2”

That seems ok, particules wise.

Again, blue lines are a guideline you can take some liberties with.

"Leuchtendes Repetiergewehr"

Hans Oelerking.5943 said: Der Fehler wird berichtigt und nicht mehr repetiert! Danke fürs Berichten, Tiscan!

Wo ist Balthasar

Hans Oelerking.5943 said: Die Zeile wird für eine Neuaufnahme markiert. Danke fürs Melden, Think!

PoF: Entzünden der Flamme

Hans Oelerking.5943 said: Wurde für eine Neuaufnahme markiert. Danke fürs Berichten, Tiscan!

PoF: Beherrschungen...

Hans Oelerking.5943 said: Danke für deinen Bericht, Galmac. Die Fehler werden behoben!

Elonischer Gesandter

Hans Oelerking.5943 said: Die überflüssige Zeilen wurden entfernt. Danke fürs Melden, Malediktus!

"Beherrschungspfad des Gleitens im Krieg"

Hans Oelerking.5943 said: Wird übernommen. Danke für den Vorschlag, Think!

Mentor im Chat

Hans Oelerking.5943 said: Hey Think,

der Fehler wurde bereits gemeldet und wir sind ihm nachgegangen. Leider konnte er aus technischen Gründen nicht behoben werden. Mehr dazu gibt es hier: . Danke für deinen Beitrag.


Hans Oelerking.5943 said: Wird korrigiert. Danke für die Vorschläge, Think!

Neuer Launcher

Hans Oelerking.5943 said: Danke für den Bericht, Tiscan. Der Fehler sollte bereits behoben sein!

Mal wieder Bergung (!)

Hans Oelerking.5943 said: Wird behoben. Danke fürs Melden!


Hans Oelerking.5943 said: Schnurri beißt jetzt nur. Danke fürs Melden, Legendary Hero Kuck!

Stabilisator des Fraktals "Urbanes Schlachtfeld"

Hans Oelerking.5943 said: Wird behoben und um ein “s” gekürzt. Danke fürs Melden, GamingC!

"/winken" und "/herbeiwinken" = "winkt"

Hans Oelerking.5943 said: Herbeiwinken wurde angepasst und zu “[Name] winkt [Name] herbei” geändert. Danke fürs Berichten!

Unterhaltung mit Kerida per Kommunikator

Hans Oelerking.5943 said: Die Zeile wurde für eine Neuaufnahme markiert. Danke für die Fehlermeldung, Doni!


Hans Oelerking.5943 said: Wird bearbeitet. Danke für die Meldung, Think!